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Yota Yoshida


Yota Yoshida (1981) is a street photographer. He grew up in a small town in north Kumamoto Japan and currently resides in Tokyo. He has no formal education in photography but is inspired by everything in each day-to-day experience.

His work primarily deals with people and happenings in public spaces. And Yota is particularly interested in the invisible emotional and poetic impressions that surround us on an ordinary day. But he insists his photographs are not exceptional, that anyone could have taken the same pictures if they were in the same place at the same time. He believes the act of taking un-posed photographs is not an act of production, but rather of feeling, and capturing what is already being expressed.

Recent awards include Honorable Mention Award at Brussels Street Photography Festival 2016, and Award Finalist of Miami Street Photography Festival 2015. His works have been featured in numerous medium including Creators Project by Vice, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Juxtapoz Magazine, Fubiz Media, iGNANT, It’s Nice That, and others.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

Usually, I don’t listen to much music outside. When I’m outside then I must to listen to things to help me shoot. It’s difficult to use only the eyes to work out what is or will happen next.

I think alot before sleep in bed every day and listen to music around this time. Particularly Noise, Punk, Post Rock, Hip Hop, Loh-Fi, Ethnics, Electronics, Jazz, Pops etc.

Such music diversity is linked to my contemplation, and I think that it will eventually have an impact when taking photo, like a butterfly effect…Maybe.

Tell us about your playlist:

Making a music playlist is like choosing a photo for me. It’s not good to only connect with rhythm, it’s not good to only select the impressive music, and it’s necessary to incorporate intention that can take inevitability in the flow.

I was conscious of two things for the story of this playlist. First, as the title suggests, it’s a flow of the time that approaches nearer, awakening from deep sleep and dropping to asleep again. Second is a change in scene that the city goes through – a residential area from a crowded crossing, this road continues to a big river outside the town. It’s just like the various emotions I feel when I wander around, walking the city in search of something to shoot.

I would appreciate, if you listen this playlist in order from the beginning to the end in succession.

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Let's get back to sleep before the awakening

  1. 2morro Morro Land – Lightning Bolt
  2. Biblical Violence – Hella
  3. Vertigo Game – Melt-Banana
  4. The Widow – The Mars Volta
  5. When You Sleep – Remastered Version – My Bloody Valentine
  6. Midnight Seijun Isei Kouyuu – Seiko Ohmori
  7. Only You – Portishead
  8. Tokyo Bronxx -TINNIE PUNX & Seiko Ito
  9. Oyome ni Oide 2015 – Punpee
  10. Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales – Car Seat Headrest
  11. Ghost Ship in a Storm – Jim O’Rourke
  12. I Don’t Think So – Dinosaur Jr.
  13. Out of Mind – DIIV
  14. The Body Of An American – The Pogues
  15. The Girl in Byakkoya – Susumu Hirasawa
  16. Soul Flower Union – Mangetu no Yube
  17. NYC Ghosts & Flowers – Sonic Youth

(Please note: Some Japanese tracks are not included in the playlist link due to Spotify region issues. We have linked to versions of the missing tracks above).