Rob Bailey

Rob Bailey


Rob Bailey is an Illustrator Based in Manchester. Rob mostly works on the computer but would like to get out and draw more.

What influence foes music have on your life as a creative?:

Music is on constantly in the studio, I like comforting music, a nice Melody is key, maybe something warm sounding, its nice to be able to sing along to it as well.

Tell us about your playlist:

Just a collection of songs I’ve been into recently, A lot of them had an African vibe, so i ran with it.

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African dream pop

  1. Tezeta (Nostalgia) – Mulatu Astatke
  2. Aeo 1 – Brian Briggs
  3. Aeo 2 – Brian Briggs
  4. Yeanoh (Powe’hande Binga’dbe) – The Kondi Band
  5. Mamadou – Susso
  6. Bush Society – Mark Barrott
  7. Malukayi (feat. Konono N°1) – Mbongwana Star, Konono N°1
  8. The Coffee Cola Song – Francis Bebey
  9. Lusaka By Night – John Wizards
  10. Limpop – John Wizards
  11. O Nketsang – Rex Rabanye
  12. Brass – Mikael Seifu
  13. Hollywood Dream Trip – Syrinx
  14. Tijan – Edmony Krater
  15. Ené Alantchie Alnorem – Mulatu Astatke
  16. Voices – Tornado Wallace