Winneke de Groot & Felix van Dam

Illustrators / Graphic Artists
We Are Out Of Office

We are out of office is Felix van Dam & Winneke de Groot, two independent illustrators/graphic artists from Holland. they run a small studio including a screen print and risograph workshop based in a cherry orchard just outside the city of Utrecht. Their bold and colorful work is inspired by little rarities they pick up and collect during there travels around the world.

What role does music play in your day-to-day life as creatives?

For us music is always around, we live on top of our studio and there is always music playing somewhere in the house. We think we don’t get inspired by music in a direct way, but I guess we use it to get into a certain mood to channel our energy. As you can see we’re not really into one kind of music. Sometimes we need really loud energetic music to get started or when we’re busy printing stuff but sometimes that also drives us crazy and all we need is a chilled out stoner with a guitar. The way we listen to music is the same as the way we work. We can’t do the same thing for too long as we get bored but when we’re working on something we’re very focussed. The same with music, when we discover a new artist we will play it for days and days until we get so bored we won’t listen to it for weeks. When we didn’t work together we both designed in a very different way and when we are working together there arises something new, something far more interesting than the stuff we do alone. It’s the same with the music we like, we both like very different artists but as we’re working and living together we have to listen to each others taste. This results in a broader variety of genres we know and like which is a big plus.

Tell us about your playlist:

This is a list of all time favourites and new crushes. When you will stay a week in our home/studio you will definitely hear all these songs. We tried to put in artists we both like a lot as well as artists one of us really likes. It’s quite hard to tell why specific songs made it to this list and others didn’t. It’s just a rough selection of songs we played a lot last couple of months. The choice of music we play really depends on our mood and on what we are working on. Generally the more up tempo stuff is the soundtrack of ‘production’ and the African and more chilled out music is the creation soundtrack but we can also listen to Wu Tang Clan all day long while drawing pots and plants. We like the music we hear all day to be an eclectic mix, otherwise it will drive us nuts 🙂

The very new neighbourhood we live in, is called Leidsche Rijn, aside from the orchard it is not a particular exciting neighbourhood to live in, so we call it Lil Rhinna to spice it up a bit.

black play icon
Straight outta Lil Rhinna

  1. All My Friends – LCD Soundsystem
  2. Ode to Viceroy – Mac DeMarco
  3. Okee – Doe Maar
  4. The Coffee Cola Song – Francis Bebey
  5. Dreamy Bruises – Sylvan Esso
  6. We The People…. – A Tribe Called Quest
  7. Pink Moon – Nick Drake
  8. Shook Ones, Pt. II – Mobb Deep
  9. Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth – Parquet Courts
  10. Touch Too Much – Hot Chip
  11. Senegal Fast Food – Amadou & Mariam
  12. My Love and Music – Ebo Taylor
  13. I Don’t Wanna Hear It – Minor Threat
  14. Shimmy Shimmy Ya – Ol’ Dirty Bastard
  15. Autumn Sweater – Yo La Tengo
  16. Sweet Sound of Ignorance – Soko
  17. Organism – Tommy Guerrero
  18. Cyanide Sisters – Com Truise
  19. Baby – Ariel Pink
  20. Bum Bum Bum – Cass McCombs