Scarlett Montanaro

Art Director / Co Founder
18 Feet and Rising / CRACK + CIDER

Scarlett Montanaro is an advertising Art Director and Co-Founder of CRACK + CIDER, a shop where you can buy essential items for homeless people. After launching in London in 2015, it has now opened in New York, San Francisco and Bournemouth.

What role does music play in your day-to-day life as a creative?

I’ve had a strange relationship with music over the last few years. I was obsessed with everything about it and was always going to gigs and festivals from a young age. But then life threw something crap at me, as it does sometimes, and I naturally turned to all my favourite music to get me through it. Low and behold, everything I loved was then tied to that rubbish feeling. Listening to any of it put me straight back into that place so, for a while, I fell out of love with music. But in that time, I found the value of silence. It’s not often you find it in London but when you do, it’s beautiful. However, as a former music addict who always had a track playing in my ear, life became too quiet and I’ve spent some time finding a new sound and new artists to love.

I find music completely alters my state of mind which I try to use to my advantage for my job. Some days I have to switch between clients every hour so I need a shortcut to get into the right mindset. For example, you may find some Major Lazer lurking in my Spotify playlists from working on a project for Malibu. Their music made me feel like an ‘18-25-year-old party starter’ which really impacted the sort of concepts I was creating for them. Now that I think about it, music really is an invaluable tool at work.

Tell us about your playlist.

Like many people I find it completely impossible to switch off my brain, no matter how many times I download the Headspace app. But ironically, I’ve found the best way to calm my mind is by making so much noise that it can’t think about anything else but the music. It’s like a very loud form of meditation. So, I give you LOUD NOISES, a playlist of my favourite loud tracks to stun your brain into submission. Turn it up and enjoy.

black play icon

  1. Tunnel Time – Thee Oh Sees
  2. Flowers – TRAAMS
  3. Nerve Endings – Eagulls
  4. Mother – IDLES
  5. Gravedweller – The Wytches
  6. Sockets – Slaves
  7. Last Day Of Magic – The Kills
  8. The Impasse – Hookworms
  9. Digital – Joy Division
  10. Come Down – Wavves, Cloud Nothings
  11. Bloodsports – Drenge
  12. Death By Diamonds And Pearls – Band Of Skulls
  13. Waiting for Something – Jay Reatard
  14. O Katrina! – Black Lips
  15. Bug – Wavves
  16. Cocaine – FIDLAR