Albert Moreu

Graphic Designer
Think Work Observe

Think Work Observe is an independent graphic design studio based in Udine (Italy), founded in December 2011 by Piero di Biase and Alberto Moreu. They work on commissioned projects in the commercial, cultural and editorial sector, with a strong focus on typographic treatment, including the design and distribution of a range of original typefaces. Think Work Observe has been invited to participate in many exhibitions abroad and has been featured in several international design magazines.

Alberto Moreu has been working in renowned graphic design practices since 2003. Albert has worked as a senior designer for several national and international design furniture companies and magazines. Founding his own studio he was also involved in photography, working for fashion magazines and participating in International exhibitions over Europe and the United States. In type design, Albert is one half of Think Work Observe who have been invited to exhibitions in Switzerland and Germany.

What role does music play in your day-to-day life as a creative?

I never intended music to be something useful to my job or inspiring to my creative process: I can use it to concentrate to a higher level or I can avoid it for the same reason. The most important thing is that what I’m listening to is exactly what I want at that moment: the difference with noise is very subtle when the context is wrong. I never use it simply as background sound and I prefer to listen to a song when I can pay attention to it.

Tell us about your playlist.

Nothing less nothing more

black play icon
Right Here Right Now

  1. Before – Vök
  2. The Sea Inside – Mano Le Tough
  3. Indian Food – Dumbo Gets Mad
  4. Learning – Perfume Genius
  5. Same Ol’ Mistakes – Rihanna
  6. Redbone – Childish Gambino
  7. Locked – Four Tet
  8. Solace – Fyfe
  9. Made To Stray – Mount Kimbie
  10. The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala
  11. Wizard Staff – Wampire
  12. Drop – Cornelius
  13. Don’t You Love (feat. Banks) – Lil Silva, Banks
  14. The Wilhelm Scream – The Bamboos, Washington