Jurjen & Ashley

Director & Art-director
From Form

From Form are a Rotterdam-based design and film studio. They are passionate about working across print, spatial and film, and projects include set design and photography, commercials, title sequences and graphics. The common thread that runs through FF’s creative approach is their interest in building worlds based on meticulous attention to detail. From Form constantly explore different materials, textures, forms and processes. These experiments help them to create immersive visual experiences that come to life on screen, on paper or in a 3D space. They often combine digital and analogue approaches within the same project to create playful, engaging and memorable work.

What role does music play in your day-to-day life as creatives?

Music is very important for us both in our personal lives as in our working process. We live and work together so our we listen often to the same music. We have a lot of different kind of playlists. At home, when the weather is nice and the balcony-bbq is on, we listen to our 45℃ playlist. Which includes a mix of funky and soul. And right now we have a period were we play a lot of Anderson Paak and Childish Gambino in our small apartment in Rotterdam.

Sometimes we hear a track which inspires us for a certain project because it gives you the exact right mood for the film we’re making. It really helps us get the concept of the film right. And other times we hear a track that inspires us but we are not sure how to use it. So we keep it in a separate playlist and hopefully, there will be one day it fits right with the image we have in mind.

Tell us about your playlist.

The playlist is called From The Movies because we’re addicted to going to the movies. The next day after we see a movie that had a great impact on us, or which we enjoyed very much, we play the soundtrack of the film all day. Like the soundtrack of Jackie by Mica Levi, 20th Century Women by Roger Neill or most of the time anything from Alexander Desplat, like his latest soundtrack for Isle of dogs. Next to that, Cliff Martinez, Colin Stetson and the recently passed Jóhann Jóhannsson are very inspiring artists and composers to us. We play their scores often at the studio while working in our workshop, painting textures or making scale models of our filmsets. Sometimes we enjoy working in the evening, could be for a deadline but rather not, then we play more energetic music. When Son Lux – Easy is played throughout the studio, we know what time it is. It’s getting late…

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From the Movies

  1. The End – Jackie – Mica Levi
  2. 2020 – Suuns
  3. Love – Mica Levi
  4. Black (feat. Norah Jones) – Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi, Norah Jones
  5. Couture – Alexandre Desplat
  6. Springful – Adult Jazz
  7. Vanity – Mica Levi
  8. In the Vespers – Colin Stetson, Sarah Neufeld
  9. Wat de Fak Lisa – Djurre de Haan
  10. My Greatest Enemy – Daniel Hart
  11. Red Horse (Judges ll) – Colin Stetson
  12. Unicorn – Four Tet
  13. Beans Secret Cider Cellar – Alexandre Desplat
  14. Son of Placenta Previa – Cliff Martinez
  15. Easy – Son Lux
  16. Their Pie – Mark Orton
  17. Circles – Alexandre Desplat
  18. The Moon Song – Film Version – Scarlett Johansson, Joaquin Phoenix
  19. The Smallest Piece – Dan Romer, Benh Zeitlin
  20. Deportation/Iguazu – Gustavo Santaolalla
  21. Hand Covers Bruise – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
  22. America For Me – Alex Ebert
  23. The Lord’s Prayer – Jóhann Jóhannsson