Martin Hicks

Co Founder

Martin Hicks is a Software Developer who co-founded Human back in 2011.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

A big one, although I had a spell where I’d fallen out of the habit of listening to music, and it’s difficult to get back into it without just listening to the same stuff all the time. I guess like anything you enjoy you have to make time for it and find ways to incorporate it into other tasks.

I mostly listen to music when I’m working alone or trying to concentrate, which has a knock on effect on what I’ll go for – mostly electronic. I used to listen on my commute, but I bought a pair of Earin’s and they broke pretty soon after that ūüôĀ

My work has definitely been shaped by music, I originally studied at Leeds College of Music and following that a few of us set about promoting gigs and setting up a tiny label – I was trying to promote what we were doing on the internet (which was really shit then) and just started getting into that side of things more and more. Which led me to re-studying in Computer Science and where I am today.

Tell us about your playlist:

I don’t really have anything too geeky to say,¬†I’ve chosen a mixture of tracks from artists I tend to go for a lot (James Blake, Ghostpoet, Caribou) and coupled them with some tracks that are relatively¬†new, or certainly new to me – the likes of¬†Algorytme¬†from Lindstrom, I’m enjoying a lot at the moment – and classics like NEU! that I’m very fond of, especially as the first studio I worked at they were on repeat.

This is the sort of playlist I can easily work to, repetitive enough to put it to the back, but likewise enough of a drive to get into it of you want to drift off from work.

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Some that I like

1. Retrograde – James Blake
2. Bees – Caribou
3. Monday Morning, Somewhere Central – Ultimate Painting
4. The Isle of Arran – Loyle Carner
5. Push – Pharoahe Monch
6. Redbone – Childish Gambino
7. Yes, I Helped You Pack – Ghostpoet, Etta Bond
8. Isi – NEU!
9. Damaged Goods – Gang of Four
10. Music for Chameleons – Gary Numan
11. Algorytme РLindstrom
12. Lime Habit – POLICA
13. A Case Of You – James Blake