Shirley Sarker

Design Director

Shirley Sarker is a designer, animator, director, product designer, cafe owner, event organiser. She might spend her day writing business plans, working in excel or producing sketch wire frames—it varies with the project she’s working on. She admits to being easily distracted, googling “like a bitch” and—like a natural procrastinator—always delivering at the last minute.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

Due to the variety of work that I’m involved with, I use specific music to focus on the various aspects of what I’m working on. When I’m working, I use music for two very distinct purposes. Getting shit done and zoning out so I can let my mind and eyes wander.

—Buckle down and get it done!
I must have ADD that is undiagnosed but I need complete silence when creating strategy documents and need all my brain cells to calm down so I can think. I’m right brain dominant so my left brain needs silence to imagine and focus. Fast and head bobbing beats with no lyrics help when I need energy but no lyrics help me concentrate. Finally, on full production mode or when it’s 5AM, the sun is about to rise and I need to get my shit together it’s time to blast those ballads and get down and get it done!

—Zoning Out
Wherever I go, I have my headphones in. This helps me block out city noise and distractions (shiny objects) and helps me focus my eyes on new perspectives and angles. It allows my brain to concentrate on one thing at a time. I tend to listen to the same album over and over again when I walk because it makes me focus on my vision and let my brain loose. I get inspired by small details on the pavement or notice how people wander around. Music allows my brain to focus on the present and my eye sight.

Tell us about your playlist:

2016 saw a lot of changes in the political systems around the world. I’m American so I know! Things are changing, but you know what? Lots can be done. Activists don’t sit around putting posts up on facebook, they take action. The title of this playlist is inspired by a speech Obama gave during his election, it’s simple; “Fired Up. Ready to go!”

Fire up and get shit done, make change rather than complain!

The songs on this album are a mix of punk, funk, electric and indie but they will all get you jacked and excited. Don’t listen to it if you are sipping chamomile tea in your slippers and ready for bedsies… unless of course you are reading a political book!

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Fired Up, Ready To Go

  1. Warsaw – Joy Division
  2. Makeba – Jain
  3. We The People… – A Tribe Called Quest
  4. Ain’t It a Sin – Charles Bradley
  6. Siberian Nights – The Kills
  7. How You Like Me Now – The Heavy
  8. Stake A Claim – Dan Le Sac
  9. The Beigeness – Kate Tempest
  10. Make It, Take It – Amanda Blank
  11. Wet Dollars – Tazer
  12. Something Bigger, Something Better – Amanda Blank
  13. Cold Cold Cold – Cage The Elephant
  14. Love Burns – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  15. Seventeen (Soulwax Mix) – Bonus – Ladytron
  16. Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio
  17. DNA – The Kills
  18. Light It Up – Blood Red Shoes
  19. Queen Of Peace – Florence + The Machine
  20. Silence – Portishead
  21. Gas Pipe – Big Narstie
  22. Still Life – The Horrors
  23. Way Out – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  24. EML Ritual – The Chemical Brothers
  25. Kids… – A Tribe Called Quest
  26. Wandering Star – Portishead
  27. Fade – Kanye West
  28. Dark Star – POLIÇA
  29. Last Caress – Misfits
  30. Under The Earth – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  31. Let’s Ride – Q-Tip
  32. Venus Fly – Grimes
  33. A-Punk (Album) – Vampire Weekend