Paulin Rogues / El Popo Sangre

Art Director

Paulin Rogues AKA El Popo Sangre is a french indie CGI filmmaker. He writes, draws, and builds his own universes about love & absurdity.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

To keep my mind up. Each time I listen to a sound, it has to challenge me. I like music when I don’t get it, when it sounds like nothing. Most of time, I listen to music while walking. This is when I write and imagine the majority of the images & film I make. I feel the music like shapes, structure, colours & sensation. I like a song when I can imagine something with it.

That’s why I love “abstract sounds”, because it’s a challenge to represent them, to tell a story with a music that doesn’t seem to have it. I can listen a 30min loop of a beat if I can imagine something with it. It’s transcendental. A way to get off everything.

And then, when I work I listen to ambient music (I love kompakt’s pop ambient compilation) just to have a background to wrap me in a particular state.

I can’t work in silence, music is here to create an environment around me, a particular place out of time and space, to let me focus on what I am doing.

I have this fault, to rationalise everything, so if I am aware that I am just sitting on a chair, looking at my computer, it’s broken. The music allows me to forget everything, to reach a state of mind where fear, doubt & shame don’t exist.

Tell us about your playlist:

This is, mostly, the songs that are in my life everyday, what I listen to since my boyhood (and some are from today).

It’s like a compilation of songs that each have a particular connection to some moment of my life.

Each one is a soundtrack and represents a moment of my life or a part of who I am, what I do. There are some love songs, some dancing ones, some sad, some funny, some boring.

This is a playlist representing my travel across life.

black play icon

  1. We’ll Meet Again – Mickey Moonlight
  2. Under The Sun – Mark Pritchard
  3. O Superman – Laurie Anderson
  4. The Movers And The Shakers – Herbert
  5. Connecting The Ghost – Roman Flugel
  6. The Perfect Kill – Hypo
  7. Elle et Moi – Max Berlin
  8. Opening Bell – Tyondai Braxton
  9. Souless Dreamer – Agoria
  10. Desire – Thieves Like Us
  11. External Combustion (Richard Devine Remix) – Glen Velez
  12. Good Times – Kid606
  13. Seaqz – Mouse On Mars
  14. Runaway Horses – Philip Glass
  15. Montreal – Autechre
  16. Welcome To Your Life – Phon.O