Percy Dean

Filmmaker / Photographer

Percy Dean in his own words: “I talk to people & make films/photographs of things for some mates”.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

I’m not sure what its role is, it makes me cry a lot, I hear tunes and the memories come flooding back so hard I often well-up, I dunno maybe that’s age or something?

I guess its nostalgia in some form, my youth and the way my life evolved as a direct result of what I did as a kid is still really important to me; I miss the angst.

I don’t think it helps me with new ideas but it does quieten my mind, and assuages my temper tantrums when faced with grading 200 images.

It was part and parcel of skateboarding and growing up in city centres, they went hand in hand and I don’t think many other lifestyles had the same direct powerful association with music and bands.

Tell us about your playlist:

It’s a period of time in my life, a time where I learned everything at a pace that I probably couldn’t handle now.

Lived at a speed that only the naïveté of youth and the hunger of a teenager sifting through his world trying to carve a place for himself within it could sustain.

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Salad Days

  1. Salad Days – Minor Threat
  2. Flame Still Burns – Youth of Today
  3. Start Today – Gorilla Biscuits
  4. Show you no Mercy – Cro Mags
  5. Chip on my Shoulder – Slapshot
  6. True till Death – Chain of Strength
  7. Deeper Than Inside – Rites Of Spring
  8. Eulogy – Born Against
  9. In Contrast of Sin – Integrity
  10. Margin Walker – Fugazi
  11. Red House – Shudder to Think
  12. History Lesson Part 2 – Minute Men
  13. Windmilling – Firehose