Daniel Zander

Designer & Partner
Blixt & Dunder

Daniel is a Swedish designer living and working in Copenhagen. He is the co-owner of Blixt & Dunder, a design and innovation agency. Daniel works as much with strategy and UX as he does with visual design.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

My life has always had a soundtrack. As a small child I could watch hours of opera on TV and as I got older the American rock that my older brother listened to came to play an important part. In fact, I think the lyrics to Born in the U.S.A. were my first words in english. When I got older I got hooked on Public Enemy, N.W.A. and Bobby Marley. And before you ask, the gangster lifestyle is far, far from the life I lived as a teen growing up in the picturesque town of Söderköping. After hiphop I grew into punk and hardcore music, and I think it was when I discovered that scene that I realised that I wanted to become a designer and creator of things. The hardcore scene in the mid to late 90s was all about creating you know; be it music, fanzines, websites or printing t-shirts. And it was a great time to get started with something creative since it also coincided with birth of the Internet.

Today, at work or at home, music is always playing. It isn’t CDs or LPs anymore but Spotify. Which in may ways has made my addiction to music even worse. I can’t stand the sound of not having music in the background.

Tell us about your playlist:

The playlist I’ve put together is based on a fraction of the tracks released in 2016 that I’ve forced everyone at the office to listen to while we work. Each year I make a new playlist of all the music we (well me) listen to while we work. Last year was a good mix of international hits and underground Swedish soul and hiphop. So yeah, it is pretty much what my 2016 sounded like.

black play icon
Painting Bricks

  1. I’m On – Kamaiyah
  2. Tonight – Black Atlass
  3. Lamp in the Dark – Sekuoia, Kill J
  4. Aldrig Igen (må sådär) – Cherrie, Stormzy
  5. Holly – Saint, HB
  6. Morse – Willem Ardui
  7. Kär Pt. 1 – Fricky
  9. BULLETS – KAYTRANADA, Little Dragon
  10. Falling Short – Låpsley
  11. Kan nt med mig – Adrijana
  12. Angels (feat. Saba) – Chance The Rapper, Saba
  13. Moai Y Yo – Maria Usbeck
  14. Bring Me Your Love (feat. THEA) – Giraffage, THEA
  15. Maskiner åt alla – 1900
  16. The Bird – Anderson .Paak
  17. Work – Rihanna, Drake
  18. Honeycomb – Kadhja Bonet
  19. Si l’on ride – Muddy Monk