Wayne Silcock

Art Director

Wayne Silcock is an art director and graphic designer with a lean towards digital and motion work. He currently heads up the pan-European Lexus account at Amaze in Manchester, and has still not got out of Bolton.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

Music for me is a bit of a tool in my day to day work. I spend a lot of my time in meetings, workshops etc that generally see me floating around away from my desk; escaping into my headphones is a way of being in “doing mode” – I can block out the noise and distraction and get back to what I enjoy, which is making stuff.

Whist I have always been into metal, Ill tend to stick on some ambient, bleepy stuff If I am trying to write documentation or a treatment for a campaign, or generally realise an idea. If I have the nosebag on, chewing through a load of production work or animation, ill tend to be listening to something heavy and pedalling my feet under my desk.

Tell us about your playlist:

I have pulled together a few tracks that have kind of stuck in my head over the years, all for different reasons really. Some have found their lyrics inked onto my limbs. Others were featured on skate videos, and remind me of a much less complicated time growing up on the “Brazley” estate in Bolton, rolling around and scribbling on walls.

black play icon
Brazley Avenue

  1. Sordid – Amon Tobin
  2. Cold Water Music – Aim
  3. Gounmiere – 19.5 NPFC Nineteen Point Five Collective
  4. Streets of 2043 – Power Glove
  5. Dreambender – Com Truise
  6. Welcome to Nocturne City – Perturbator
  7. Push Upstairs – Underworld
  8. Bad Wings – The Glitch Mob
  9. Thholyghst – ??? (Crosses)
  10. My Style – Original – Luke Vibert
  11. The Blend – The Herbaliser, What What
  12. Youthful Expression – A Tribe Called Quest
  13. Bloody Cape – Deftones
  14. Sunshine the Werewolf – The Dillinger Escape Plan
  15. Eagles Become Vultures – Converge
  16. I, The Creator – Monuments
  17. Future Warrior – Palms
  18. King – White Ring
  19. Gantz Graf – Autechre
  20. Enough [Extrinsic Remix] – Gravity Kills