Olga Capdevila


Olga Capdevila is an independent illustrator and art director from Spain. She was born in a small farming town in the middle of Catalonia and moved to Barcelona to study an Art and Design degree and later an Illustration specialization. Since then she has made some things: She has lived in Gent(Belgium), has founded an editorial collective (Tropèl), she has published some books, made some exhibitions, drink some wine,  explored animation, built wood-toys with her father, has scored some goals in her football team… and since 2016 she is teaching in the same university where she was graduated.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

My entrance into music was late but irreversible. Despite in my parent’s house there was no music (We had only 2 LP  ‘Money for nothing’ of Dire Straits and a compilation of Tomeu Penya ) when i was 8 years old I asked for a CASIO piano for Christmas. With it I began to invent lyrics and melodies inspired by some church songs, my first musical influence (Despite the fact that I never understood what we were doing every Sunday there, me and my sister enjoyed ‘the singing moment’). That’s how my passion for music began and it is still present today. Nowadays I don’t go to church but I am all day connected to Spotify, that is not so different. While at home I like to discover new bands and listen to my favorite CDs (King Krule, JJ,Calexico..)  in the studio I have two options to get the perfect state of mind that let me arrive to a concentration area that allows me get the best ideas.

Option 1—Listen to relax music lists:
I like to listen to birds, Spa day songs, relaxing falling water and exotic rain. I’m not very strict with the quality of the tracks. If there’s a mix of deep flutes and natural sounds its fine for me.

Option 2—Listen to music in an eternal loop:
I made lists of songs that I listen to repeatedly, without stopping. They can be lists of 2, 3, or 10 songs. When I need extra concentration, I play 1 only song that I can listen for hours. This obsessive repetition technique allows me arrive in a kind of hypnosis state that is very useful to work.

Tell us about your playlist:

Based on option 2, I’ve made a gold selection of the main songs that one day have been victims of my self-hypnotic technique. It will be annoying to know how many times I’ve listen to them…but the think is that after this thousand times listening them I still love them.  Enjoy your hypnotic therapy!

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Loop Loop Loop...

  1. All Tomorrow’s Parties – The Velvet Underground, Nico
  2. Avança, vianant – Manel
  3. You Must Be Out of Your Mind – The Magnetic Fields
  4. Things Will Never Be The Same Again – JJ
  5. St Elmo’s Fire – Brian Eno
  6. Jolene – Dolly Parton
  7. Ramón y Cajal – Las Ruinas
  8. El plor – El Petit De Cal Eril
  9. Un Buen Dia – Los Planetas
  10. Fot I Hose – Casiokids
  11. Pass This On – The Knife
  12. El Mort i el Degollat – Nacho Umbert & la compañía
  13. Chandelier – Sia
  14. Should Have Known Better – Sufjan Stevens
  15. Quattro (Live) [with Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg] – Calexico
  16. Walking The Cow – Daniel Johnston
  17. El meu lament – Ferran Palau
  18. El Partisano – Espaldamaceta, Maria Rodés
  19. Esto No Es Paris – Nueva Vulcano