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Bratislav Milenkovic


Bratislav Milenkovic is an illustrator, living and working in Belgrade, Serbia. Having been a freelance illustrator for the past couple of years, Bratislav had the opportunity to work with wide range of clients from all around the world such as Coca Cola, Ray Ban, The New York Times, Guardian, Wired, etc. While working on assignments or just flicking through the archives of vintage illustration, his dog Vito keeps an eye on him in the studio at all times.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

I’ve been introduced to some good tunes, well at least good at the time, quite early – my older sister would always have some music channels on and you could hear tunes from Beck or Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and so on, and I think that’s where I started to see music as an important part of my everyday life. Later on, I started to pay much more attention to album artworks and I even bought a bunch of albums only because of the covers. Nowadays, at the studio, a tune is usually playing while I’m working and it tends to follow the process somehow – for example while I’m sketching or working on the ideas, the playlist ends up being quite eclectic with lots of surprises, but when I focus on the execution I listen to something more hypnotic or repetitive, like an audio background. Finally, if the day gets long and turns into an all-nighter, it often ends with some heavy guitar sounds.

Tell us about your playlist:

The playlist consists of some of my favourite tracks and artists that have been in my iTunes over the years and it represents the atmosphere of a typical night at the studio.

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Nocturnal Animals

  1. …Out Dream – Sleeping People
  2. CODY – Mogwai
  3. Cripple and the Starfish – Antony and the Johnsons
  4. All Tomorrow’s Parties – 2009 Remastered Version – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  5. Lots – Dan Deacon
  6. Flip-Book Oscilloscope – Turing Machine
  7. Clearing – Grouper
  8. About to Enter a Strange New Period – The Stranger
  9. Time Away – Andy Stott
  10. Celebration – Devendra Banhart
  11. 29 #Strafford APTS – Bon Iver