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Kerr Vernon

Creative Director

KVGD aka Kerr Vernon Graphic Design is a Glasgow based studio working in branding, identity and packaging. Our meticulous, studied approach for creating engaging and thoughtful design that works has earned the studio a global reputation. This has been recognised by numerous publications and awards that promote design excellence; including D&AD, Scottish Design Awards, Computer Arts and Creative Review.

What influence does music have in your life as a creative?:

I can’t really imagine life without music. I don’t like silence and get uncomfortable if I’m in somebody’s home and there’s no music playing, even if it’s Billy Joel. I used to get edgy if there wasn’t a guitar within reach but I’ve made peace with that as I’ve got older and I’m sure that’s a relief to most of my colleagues too. My life revolves around music. The alarm wakes me up to 6music and from there I’ll put my headphones on and head into work. It’s a constant companion and is only interrupted when I’m watching TV at night, which I rarely do.

In terms of the role music plays with work sometimes it can hook into a vibe but it’s not something I consciously do. I usually just tune into whatever I’m in the mood for and work is pretty separate. Often if I’m in the zone on a project then I won’t really notice what I’m listening to anyway.

I would say that music has definitely led me towards being a designer. It’s always about doodling those band logos on jotters at school and I was no exception.

Tell us about your playlist:

The Horrors – Moving Further Away : Sheer genius! It’s a long song and the second half with the change in tempo and looping riff just get inside your head.

The Cribs – Be Safe. I love the words to this song. To me it feels like it’s about being pissed at everything and everyone. Plus I love the comment at the end. ‘It wasn’t my best but who cares’. Sums up the cribs. A true band.

Run run run. Phoenix are probably my favourite band. Hard to choose a single track but this one sums them up pretty well.

Nylon Strung – I love Karls voice and the way the layer melodies. It’s interesting how underworld can be so melodic and tuneful compared to the banging techno of their biggest hit shouting lager, lager, lager.

Surface – KC is so prolific and he make some heartbreaking music as well as some short pop songs. The bagpipes in this really stir the soul.

Ease – Johnny Rotten teams up with Ginger baker and hair metal axe ledge Steve Vai. It’s amazing. The solo at the end is off the scale.

LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean – Mandatory listening for all graphic designers

Massive attack – The Spoils – Heartbreaking stuff.

Tinseltown in the Rain – Paul Buchanan has the best voice. No contest. This song just evokes Glasgow for me. Probably my all time favourite tune. Timeless.

Prefab Sprout – Never get tired of this. Slick 80’s pop.

1952 Vincent Black Lightening – Richard Thompson – A great story song with some incredible folk guitar picking going on.

Favorite T – The Lemonheads – Could of picked any number of their songs but again it’s the lyrics that really make this special.

23 – Blonde Redhead – Weird pop.

We’re only Science – Dot Allison – Very cool Scottish singer that never really got a break. Kinda Goldfrappy this but much cooler.

Your loft My acid – Death in Vegas – Love the trippy way this song builds and builds.

Can’t hardly wait – The Replacements – Such an underrated band hardly known in the UK I think. Paul Westerberg is a songwriting genius, a really interesting story behind the band too. Inspired Green Day among others.

Says – Nils Frahm – This takes time to get into but the pay off as the melody kicks in towards the end is wonderful. A thing of beauty.

One Sunday Morning – Wilco – this song just goes on forever and it’s all the better for it. Such restraint not to take it anywhere else but it kinda sounds like a nice Sunday Morning to me.

Spitting Venom – Another song in 2 parts. Starts of shouty and wired and ends with a really melodic refrain.

Temptation – New Order – This 10 minute live version sounds amazing.

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KVGD's play loud playlist

  1. Moving Further Away – The Horrors
  2. Be Safe – The Cribs
  3. Run Run Run – Phoenix
  4. Nylon Strung – Underworld
  5. Surface – King Creosote
  6. Ease – Public Image Ltd.
  7. Dance Yrself Clean – LCD Soundsystem
  8. The Spoils – Massive Attack, Hope Sandoval
  9. Tinseltown In The Rain – The Blue Nile
  10. When Love Breaks Down – Prefab Sprout
  11. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning – Richard Thompson
  12. Favorite T – The Lemonheads
  13. 23 – Blonde Redhead
  14. We’re Only Science – Dot Allison
  15. Your Loft My Acid – Death In Vegas
  16. Can’t Hardly Wait – 2008 Remastered Version – The Replacements
  17. Says – Nils Frahm
  18. One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend) – Wilco
  19. Spitting Venom – Modest Mouse
  20. Temptation (Live at Bestival 2012) – New Order