Hugo Mendes (aka PsiconautaH)

Illustrator / Designer

Born and raised in Maputo, Mozambique Hugo has had a passion for cartoons and comic books since he can remember. It was this passion that lead him to illustration.

Mozambique is a country with a rich culture diversity and a strong tradition of craftsmanship in woodcarving and sculptures, Hugo takes inspiration from these processes, that’s why his work resembles the craft of woodblock printing.

Through his artwork, he aims to represent everyday life aspects referring to the collective history of the Mozambican people and their fantasies and at the same time he seeks to explore more intimate elements, related to the dark side of his psyche and the black experience. An attempt to produce content that interests and represents him, but isn’t available to him where he is.

What role does music play in your life as a creative?:

I listen to Music everyday, it gets me going, it’s the thing that helps me to get focused in the early morning and keeps me awake in the late nights. I usually work alone and isolated, so it’s nice to have some music that matches my mood playing in the background.

As to what type of music I listen to, I try to listen to all genres but tend more to Trap/ Hip Hop/ Rap and electronic music. I like songs with stories, songs that match what I’m feeling or make me feel something.

Music also inspires me a lot, might listen to a phrase, a word or a sound that sparks an idea in my mind it may result in something incorporated into an artwork.

Tell us about your playlist:

These are a couple songs that I’m currently vibing to, I surf on soundcloud everyday looking for something different and fresh, I find interesting the thought that these are just young artist trying to express themselves in a new way without the pressures of the mainstream.

black play icon
Let me be your inspiration, not your role model

  1. WONDER — 2
  2. George Gavin — Jacky, Mary & You (Ft. VIC)
  3. lancey foux — COME TO LIFE
  4. Machine – Djampar ( Feat. TinkydaPurp X Kizzy & Killah Brain )
  5. some-1ne — 96
  6. Neguim. — Hang On
  7. Intomyears. — Sants – Rajada (Lycox & Dekkapa, Stinhow Remix)
  8. ||DILIP|| — day//night w/ callahan, cluless
  9. MARTIN $KY — Going Going Gone w/ Sango
  10. PIZZAW/PINEAPPLES — Purple Haze
  11. FALCONS — Boo You Know Ft. GoldLink
  12. Machinebeatz – Vai Gostosa [INSTRUMENTAL]
  13. Kwaai-Fi — Dunn Kidda – Laanie Level (Maramza Remix)
  14. Card On Spokes – On The Low (feat. Okmalumkoolkat And Nonku Phiri)