Joe Smith


Joe is a tall designer and self professed “all round top guy” based in London. He’s part of the team at branding agency ‘Article’ based in Dalston, London, UK. Outside of design he is a DJ and an avid vinyl collector which he relates is “unfortunate for my bank account but great for my soul”. 

What role does music play in your everyday life as a creative?:

Insert cliched ’Ive always loved music’ statement here. Only joking, in all seriousness it’s always been a big part of my life from growing up. Since being a kid, all me, my family and friends do is talk about music. I’m sure this is the same for most creatives but growing up going to record shops week in, week out and buying beautiful pieces of vinyl with mind blowing artwork was what really got me into design in the first place. 

Personally I believe it’s also an amazing way of connecting with people, whether you have the same tastes or not. I love design, but sometimes you need a little something else to be passionate about and that moment of distraction can trigger something in your head, whether that visually or an idea you’ve been trying to come up with all day. 

Music within a studio/creative environment go hand in hand with each other. It helps to create a vibe in the studio whether that’s easing you into a Monday morning, motivating you to finally knuckle down mid week or giving you a little livener for Friday deadlines. 

Tell us about your playlist:

I’m just gonna let the playlist do most of the talking but it’s a selection of tracks to get shit done to and a ‘best of’ our monthly curated playlists in the studio. It starts off with some easy listening ambient and builds up into a selection of bangers. Best served with looming deadlines. Poooolllll upppp!

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Warm 'n' Easy

  1. Broken Clouds – Gaussian Curve
  2. Renee Sleeping – Suzanne Kraft
  3. Elk River – Six Organs Of Admittance
  4. The Spirit Form – Tommy Guerrero
  5. Liquid Love – Roy Ayers
  6. Natural Patty – Black Booby
  7. Heartbreak Road – Bill Withers
  8. Eclipse – Zikomo
  9. Jay Dee 2 – Instrumental – J Dilla
  10. Players – Slum Village
  11. Hityawitdat – Lootpack
  12. Hafi Deo – Tabu Ley Rochereau
  13. Phantom – A Band Called Flash
  14. SpottieOttieDopaliscious – OutKast
  15. Bring The Sun feat. Gry – Original Mix – Frank & Tony
  16. Sincere – MJ Cole
  17. Gabriel (Live Garage Version) – Roy Davis Jr., Peven Everett
  18. Kalakuta – Pedestrian, Jasperdrum
  19. Weak Become Heroes – The Streets
  20. EF40 – Martyn
  21. Atlantis (I Need You) – LTJ Bukem