Maxim Zhestkov

Visual Artist / Animation Director

Maxim is an animation director and visual artist from Ulyanovsk, Russia.

What role does music play in your day-to-day life as a creative?:

Music has been the main inspirational force for my creative energy since my childhood. Sound and music for me is some kind of key for spiritual substance; my brain always tries to connect sound with images and paint bright pictures in my mind.

Also, music can work as a filter for all my unnecessary information / thoughts. When I’m listening to my favourite tracks, I feel comfort and can totally concentrate on work.

I prefer electronic music and some IDM, but my preferences are quite wide… sometimes I listen to Pink Floyd or some classics.

I’m too picky to listen to some streaming radio or something. I prefer to use my library with my favourite tunes.

Tell us about your playlist:

It was quite hard to choose a bunch of tracks from my library. But I decided to use an old trick with the idea of 20 tracks which I want to listen to before I die. And here they are!

I love to create something like a sound barrier between me and the universe. These tracks have been my guardians for over a decade.

black play icon

  1. Music Is Math – Boards of Canada
  2. Vordhosbn – Aphex Twin
  3. New Family – Plaid
  4. Unravel – Björk
  5. Roads – Portishead
  6. J. S. Bach: Organ Choral Prelude in F Minor BWV 639 – Johann Sebastian Bach, Alexander Vynograd
  7. Brainfeeder – Flying Lotus
  8. Xerrox Meta Phaser – alva noto
  9. Dogs – 2011 Remastered Version – Pink Floyd
  10. Dayvan Cowboy – Boards of Canada
  11. An Eagle In Your Mind – Boards of Canada
  12. Flim – Aphex Twin
  13. All I Know Is Tonight – Jaga Jazzist
  14. Archangel – Burial
  15. Corc – Autechre
  16. Nlogax – Boards of Canada
  17. Do You Know Squarepusher – Squarepusher
  18. Herr Bar – Clark
  19. d-sho qub – Autechre
  20. Lasagna – The Knife