Lorna Freytag

Illustrator / Founder of HeyWow books

Lorna’s work fuses together her love for illustration, photography and children’s stories. She is an image-maker, picture-creator and brainstormer. She uses her many scribbled sketchbooks, digital camera and post-production techniques to bring her ideas to life. Originally from Edinburgh, Lorna has been lucky enough to have lived and worked in New York, Dubai, London and Sydney. Now based in the north of Scotland she applies her bold & playful illustration style to editorial and commercial commissions, children’s books and fashion projects around the world. And she gets to share a studio with her talented husband & graphic designer Daniel Freytag!

What role does music play in your day-to-day life as a creative?:

So I feel like a bit of an odd-bod contributing my “playlist” to Various Artists… as much as i love a huge range of music (from folk, new country & bluegrass to rock, metal and electronica) when i really need to get into my creative zone I listen to movies.

It almost always has to be a film i’ve seen several times before so that i can visualise the storyline in the back of my mind whilst i work. Loopy i know! But it works for me and gets me into the right creative zone.

When I sketch and come up with concepts i like to work in cafes (away from the studio) but when it comes to creating the actual work listening to films work best!

And the rest of the time whilst doing admin, emails, research etc i listen to Daniels spotify playlists – luckily I like most of it!

Tell us about your playlist:

So here’s my weird, slightly embarrassing list of some of the films I listen to. It’s a mix of chick flicks, sci-fi and 80s- nothing heavy, mostly light hearted and not very “cool”.  I do watch more sophisticated films too! But they need my full attention!

It’s a strange thing as sometimes when i look back at an image later on it links me back to the films I listened to whilst working on it. I remember working on a lovely, cute image for a kids book and the film that flashes into my head is Jaws!!

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Movies on my mind

  1. Chocolat
  2. Bottleshock
  3. ET
  4. The day after tomorrow
  5. Almost Famous
  6. Deep Impact
  7. Six days seven nights
  8. Harry Potter
  9. The proposal
  10. Local Hero
  11. Forest Gump
  12. Twister
  13. Devil wears Prada
  14. Sideways