Matt the Nelson

Motion Graphics Designer

Matt is a motion graphics designer based out of the San Francisco Bay area. He splits his time between animation projects for tech companies, visual content for musicians, an array of personal projects. His dance moves are unrivaled but his singing is not very good.

What role does music play in your day-to-day life as a creative?

Music has always been an integral part of my artwork. As a kid, I would literally sit for hours listening to my favorite albums and draw up music video concepts. I love the feeling of hearing music that mentally transports you to a different place. I try to channel that feeling in my illustrations and design. To do your best creative work, you have to put yourself in a sort of mental trance, where you can concentrate on the task at hand. Different genres and styles of music can help you jump into that state.

Tell us about your playlist:

Vitals is like a soundtrack for my artwork. The songs in this playlist have inspired me to do my best work, generate visual concepts, and create a coherent tone. There’s also a handful of songs in here that I hope to turn into music videos or short film projects one day.

black play icon

  1. …Of Your Fake Dimension – Com Truise
  2. Underwater – Porches
  3. Renata – Holden
  4. Modern Driveway – Luke Abbott
  5. All Or Nothing – Chrome Sparks, Angelica Bess
  6. Think Tank – Rival Consoles
  7. Break Well – Mount Kimbie
  8. Voodoo – S-X, Gia
  9. Our Love – Caribou
  10. Swim High (feat. Rivka Rose) – BABYTEETH, Rivka Rose
  11. Waves – Max Cooper
  12. Turn Away – Wet
  13. Five Four – The Range
  14. Bent – Kiasmos
  15. See (feat. Beacon) – Tycho, Beacon
  16. Paradise – DVWEZ
  17. Stratosphere – Mutemath
  18. Migration – Bonobo
  19. Heart (feat. Keep Shelly In Athens) – MMOTHS
  20. Pyramid Song – Radiohead