Darren Oorloff

Art Director / Illustrator

Darren is a Designer, Illustrator and Art Director from Melbourne, specialising in album covers and art for the music industry. Working with both smaller independent artists and major labels, he utilises a range of digital media to create high impact, visually stimulating compositions.

What role does music play in your day-to-day life as a creative?

At the moment, my whole world revolves around music! My sole objective on a day-to-day basis is to visually represent a musician’s concept, ideas and vision in a cohesive package.

Listening to music is a vital part of my design process. Through music I maintain momentum and almost enter a meditative state. I have a broad taste in music and don’t tend to listen to one particular genre whilst working. However if I’m designing for a specific album or EP I’ll play that out a couple of times whilst making the artwork in the hope that subconsciously the ‘mood’ will be reflected in my designs.

Tell us about your playlist:

This is a condensed version of a master playlist I’ve compiled over the last 2 years named ‘Power’. It is my pride and joy.

Most of these songs I associate with a particular memory. I tend to play a song on repeat until I burn it out, which is often in a matter of weeks. So my mind will allot that song to that particular period in my life. The songs included in this playlist are all associated with good memories and I use them as a means to access those times again.

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Power (VA)

  1. One Bad Habit – Michael Franks
  2. Live In Other World – Itadi
  3. Rough Rider – The Hygrades
  4. Don’t Go Lose It Baby – Hugh Masekela
  5. Ai mi morena – Chocolate Restyle – Mo’ Horizons
  6. Supernature – Cerrone
  7. Blind – Frankie Knuckles Remix – Hercules & Love Affair
  8. If Only I Could (feat. Steve Lucas) – Liem Remix – Fusion Groove
  9. Orchestra, Steve Lucas
  10. Back in the Days – Coeo
  11. Dooyo – Dur-Dur Band
  12. Nissim – The Gaslamp Killer, Amir Yaghmao
  13. Planet Caravan – Black Sabbath
  14. Twilight Driving – Methyl Ethel
  15. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper – Blue Öyster Cult
  16. A Different Arrangement – Black Marble
  17. Desert Island – Mystic Braves
  18. Cherish the Day – Remastered – Sade