Aziz Firat

Product Design Lead

Aziz is a Dutch/Turkish designer that loves to work on branding and product design. Nowadays he lives in Norway with his wife, shaping the products at Tidal, updating Foreignrap and building Readng.

What role does music play in your day-to-day life as a creative?

Music plays throughout the whole day. I start with some soul/jazz in my morning commute. At work, I switch between indie, rap, and r&b. At home, we add pop and Turkish music to the list. Music makes the gym sessions suck a bit less. It’s there when I’m feeling happy or sad. Simply said, my body and mind functions much better with music.

I like to spend a lot of money into equipment as well. At home, I have some nice speakers. And at work I switch between the Sony MDR-1000x and the Sennheiser Momentums.

I’m lucky to be able to shape a music app and I just launched a side-project that’s music related.

So yeah, it’s everywhere!

Tell us about your playlist:

This playlist consists of songs that make me feel good and have a nice vibe. I don’t pay attention to lyrics, that’s why you will hear some German, French and Icelandic songs.

black play icon

  1. With Me – dvsn
  2. Night Calls – Yo Trane
  3. Θ. Macarena – Damso
  4. Lost Your Mind – Zimmer
  5. Monica Bellucci – Rin
  6. Tokyo Drift – Woodie Smalls
  7. Fullir Vasar – Aron Can
  8. Learn – R.Lum.R
  9. I Know, Imani – Asante
  10. Crazy Dream – Tom Misch
  11. Rot – Yung Hurn
  12. Pas ce soir (feat. Krisy) – PLK
  13. Gorgeous – Full Crate X Mar
  14. Every Step Every Way – Majid Jordan

Spotify playlist available here.