Rebeka Arce

Art Director / Graphic Designer

Rebeka Arce is an independent multidisciplinary designer and art director currently based in Madrid developing visual and creative solutions for the audiovisual media with a focus on flexible identity design systems, moving & still image creation and editorial design for clients ranging from Sony Pictures Entertainment, Vodafone, Schweppes, Mercedes Benz, Pull&Bear, Madrid City council, fashion brands and international musicians.

She’s kept an online photo diary since 2009, chipped a tooth with a beer bottle, drunk Norwegian cow’s milk in the Arctic Circle and taught karate to kids. Her next goal is to learn how to make her grandma’s croquettes.

What role does music play in your day-to-day life as a creative?

Imagine you are walking on the street, observing a couple of kids in the playground. Now imagine you are listening to µ-Ziq while you are observing these kids. The scene will change totally if you switch the music to Dinosaur Jr.

That´s exactly what music means for me: It is the only thing that can change the way I read things, the way I think about anything and also, the only thing that can change my mood. Music is my fellow traveler and my daily creativity booster. 

The first contact I had with design was digging in my brother´s CDs when I was a kid. I was totally attracted by album covers. Now I can´t thing about creating without music, it´s in a way like the connector between my imagination and the way I interpret the world. 

Tell us about your playlist:

In the nervous system, a synapse is a structure that permits a neuron to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron. For me music is the synapse between imagination and creativity.

The playlist is a 50 minute journey -with a groovy end- for a creative work-out based on the kind of sounds I love to listen while I´m getting my hands on any creative project. 

I prefer instrumental and progressive music as it´s easier for me to concentrate. I always search for inspiring atmospheric sounds that take me to different spaces and feed my playful workflow.

black play icon

  1. Numb – Andy Stott
  2. All Res – GoGo Penguin
  3. After Gold – Kelpe
  4. Ann Arbor Part 3 & 4 – Shigeto
  5. Philip – Rival Consoles
  6. Degrees of Light – Taylor Mcferrin
  7. Nine – Autechre
  8. 0181 000 0003 – 00110100 01010100
  9. Hoarse – Cepia
  10. Peacock Tail – Boards of Canada
  11. Home Is Where the Hatred Is – Gil Scott-Heron