Angus Hyland


Angus Hyland is a graphic designer, author and creative director. He has been named one of the UK’s top ten graphic designers by The Independent, and has received over a hundred creative awards, including five D&AD silver awards. After running his own successful studio in Soho for ten years, he became a partner in Pentagram’s London offices in 1998.

What role does music play in your day-to-day life as a creative?

From about the age of ten, music has always been there; although my relationship with music is very different to what it was growing up. I’m from the vinyl generation, acquiring new records and ​obsessively playing them at every opportunity, everything was built around that process. Nowadays music slots neatly into my periods of downtime, it’s my decompression chamber at the end of a long day.

Tell us about your playlist:

I’m a compulsive playlist maker, I suppose it’s my way of appeasing the record collector in me. Coming up with a good concept for a playlist is key, although concepts can also be crippling; thirty iterations later and still agonising over the overall tone and composition.

I decided to approach my playlist for Various Artists a little differently, ​​almost spontaneously. Instead of fixating on the theme, it was a playlist of consequences; one song followed the other, the exquisite corpse. Although, in an attempt to impose a deadline of sorts, I decided to hang the entire playlist off the song ‘September’ and it’s now October… So read into that what you like!

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Not September

  1. September – 2003 Digital Remaster – David Sylvian
  2. Zum Wohl – Cluster
  3. The Belldog – Brian Eno, Moebius, Roedelius
  4. By This River – Serafina Steer
  5. Three Hours – Nick Drake
  6. Suzanne – Nick Cave, Perla Batalla, Julie Christensen
  7. Sisters of Mercy – Leonard Cohen
  8. Katie Cruel – Bert Jansch, Beth Orton
  9. I Walk On Guilded Splinters – Dr. John
  10. Trouble Man – Marvin Gaye
  11. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) – Gil Scott-Heron
  12. Walk On By – Album – Remaster – Isaac Hayes
  13. Concrete Jungle – Jamaican Version – The Wailers
  14. Bring On The Night – Remastered 2003 – The Police
  15. Future Days – CAN
  16. Bob the Bob – The Lounge Lizards
  17. The Wonderful Year – Roger Eno & Kate St. John
  18. Revolving Birdsong – John Foxx
  19. Sigur 3 (Untitled) – Sigur Rós
  20. Blackstar – David Bowie