Michael C Place

Creative Director

Michael Christopher Place (me) is a Yorkshire born (1969, a moon-landing baby) graphic designer, creative director and founder of Design studio Build. I tend to bang on about being from Yorkshire. A lot. I went to see Star Wars with my mum in Harrogate in 1977 (aged 8), my life has never been the same since. I have only had two full-time jobs, one working for Trevor Jackson (Bite It!) in London which was scary as f**k. And at The Designers Republic in Sheffield, which was a lot of hard work. I started up the studio after being frustrated by not being fully in control of my own destiny…to be fair I still don’t think I am fully in control of my destiny. But that is part of the excitement.

What role does music play in your day-to-day life as a creative?

It means everything. I can’t design without music.

Tell us about your playlist:

I’ve split into 4 distinct periods of my life and the music I was into at that time. 1—5 Heavy Metal (1979—84), 6—10 Psychobilly/Indie (1985—88), 11—15 Hip Hop (1989—95) + 16—20 Electronic (1996 onwards). Each of these styles of music punctuate my life, where one adventure starts and another ended. School, College & Work.

black play icon

  1. The Number Of The Beast – Iron Maiden
  2. Ace of Spades – Motörhead
  3. Back In Black – AC/DC
  4. Paranoid – 2009 Remastered Version – Black Sabbath
  5. Wheels of Steel – Saxon
  6. Psychotic Reaction – The Cramps
  7. Wreckin’ Crew – The Meteors
  8. King Rat – Guana Batz
  9. Do You Believe in the Westworld – Theatre Of Hate
  10. The Wheel – Spear Of Destiny
  11. Hey Love – King Sun
  12. Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts) – A Tribe Called Quest
  13. Check The Technique – Gang Starr
  14. Info Kill II – Company Flow
  15. N.Y. State of Mind – Nas
  16. LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix) – LFO
  17. Strings Of The Strings Of Life – Derrick May
  18. Windowlicker – Aphex Twin
  19. Blue Water – Metamatics
  20. Dominas – Carl Craig