Mimi Son, Elliot Woods, Soyoung Lee, Yoona Yang

Artist, Artist, Producer, Designer
Kimchi and Chips

Kimchi and Chips is a Seoul based art studio founded by Mimi Son (KR) and Elliot Woods (UK). The studio creates artworks which superimpose material and immaterial modes of existence, suggesting new technical and artistic attitudes. These actions create fictional realities as physical experiences, often employing digital light and computation to manipulate physical space.

They formed in 2009 to combine the disciplines of code, form, material, concept and mechanism. Since then, they have created installations and dialogues which have been exhibited on four continents, developing natural interactions between people, nature and the possibilities of the digital network.

What Role does music play in your day-to-day life?

On a normal day, there isn’t much time for the full act of sublime listening. Perhaps the exception for us is first thing in the morning – we’re waiting for the coffee to brew and people are slowly stirring through the door. Make sure the speakers are set right, turn it up and just listen. Music like Laura Cannell, Ben Frost, Holly Herndon … Jimi Hendrix, Daniel Corral – but Brian Eno still has a monopoly on sunrises. Mimi also teaches a workshop titled Duration about listening and drawing – and this same music appears there.

One of the best places to share music with others is at a co-working space full of strangers and new friends. Our studio is at the edge of the world – closer to North Korea than it is to Seoul, so we appreciate recommendations for new music from other people wherever we can get it.

When we are at a museum or festival installing an artwork, we always play Moderat’s A New Error at the moment that we all break off to start working – it has an optimistic laborious rhythm – it’s our work anthem. For repetitive physical tasks, we often switch between meditative music/no music and K-Pop karaoke. For programming tasks – often something wordless and electronic works best – just something to give the concentration a rhythm. However, often we will work without any background music – silence is underrated.

Tell us about your playlist.

Day One is the type of music we play the first day when we’re travelling to install an artwork – it’s a mix of all our tastes and doesn’t really aim to be obscure. We’ve tried to arrange it like a compression of those days, from the first hour on-site, the early hours of concentration, the weird late hours when everybody else has gone home, ultimately to the karaoke car ride home. These tracks have cured our jet-lag, synced our hand-eye coordination and can keep long hours of work spiritual and surprising. We hope they can do the same for you.

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Day 1

  1. A New Error – Moderat
  2. raingurl – Yaeji
  3. It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) – Peggy Gou
  4. Apply – Glasser
  5. O Superman – Laurie Anderson
  6. Iris – Wim Mertens
  7. Oino – LA Priest
  8. Hustler – Simian Mobile Disco
  9. Motion in Field – Tom Rogerson, Brian Eno
  10. Balance Her In Between Your Eyes – Nicolas Jaar
  11. Winter Saltings – Laura Cannell
  12. Golden Arrow – DARKSIDE
  13. Mirage – Toro y Moi
  14. Who’s That Girl? – Rosie Lowe
  15. Lillies of the Valley – Jun Miyake
  16. Athene – Hercules & Love Affair
  17. & It Was U – How To Dress Well
  18. 회상 Reminiscence – Sanullim